Open Kitchen Design


Open Kitchen Design - The customer's will was to create an open and luminous kitchen on his stay with materials bringing a natural look : wood and slate. Stainless steel keys appear to underline a masculine, modern and chic rendering.

The ideal compromise between the closed kitchen and the open kitchen on the living room, the semi open kitchen plays with space. Space, brightness, it has the advantage of open kitchens without the disadvantages: smells, view on the dirty dishes.

This House of the Sixties has been partially renovated. The ground floor has undergone significant transformations. Originally, a closed kitchen opening onto the living room on one side and on the other's release, giving access to the WC and the entrance. The desire of the owners was to enlarge the living space in order to improve the circulation and to accentuate the volumes.

The toilets, initially in the kitchen, were moved to the other side in order to expand the kitchen. The opening of the kitchen to the living room was blocked, while the partition separating the kitchen from the dining room was slaughtered. The electricity was completely redone on the whole ground floor. A false ceiling was created to conceal the new lighting.

The floors were redone: an oak parquet covered the old tile and standardized the whole. Only the surface of the kitchen island has been covered with cement tiles in order to give style to this room and visually delimit the kitchen corner of the rest of the space.

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