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Luxury Bathroom Design – Most modern toilets help reduce water consumption. Equipped with a 3/6 hunting mechanism, they allow the user to choose between a short flush, for liquids, and a long one for solids. Older models only have a simple water flow mechanism, which leads to a larger waste of water because the necessary flow is not the same as required. It is for this reason that the smaller capacity toilet tanks become more and more widespread as they allow a systematic flow of water less important.

In addition to reducing the consumption of water and electricity, the reduction of waste of paper is also very important when you want to make a bathroom truly eco-responsible. Bidets are for example an effective way to reduce toilet paper consumption, while being more hygienic for the intimate toilet.

Well Choose Your Bathroom Faucet

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The valves with sensory sensors innovate by their high tech side, but also play an important role in reducing the waste of water as well as in limiting the spread of microbes among the users. In fact, the washbasin mixers with flow limiter and sensor sensor can not only prevent a faucet from being opened inadvertently, but also shorten the water flow time, such as when brushing teeth.

As well, the faucet with aerator has become a must because of its ability to save water without reducing the comfort of use. The aerators work by mixing the air and water and can be installed on an existing faucet by simply screwing them to the faucet head, making it an efficient and affordable option to reduce the waste of water.

Save Water During Baths And Showers

Most people know about low-flow toilets, but they don’t know that there are also reduced-flow showerheads. When buying a showerhead, the number to look at is the litres per minute (LPM). The smaller it is, the less water is used per minute. These numbers vary depending on the water pressure of the housing. This is why it is recommended to install a flow regulator to ensure that you are not using more water than necessary.

While it can be difficult to find ways to make bathtubs more environmentally friendly, it is always possible to make savings that, even small, can make a big difference. For example, many modern bathrooms have an asymmetrical bathtub-shower. They are practical because smaller and double-function, and a lesser amount of water is needed to fill them. Also prefer ceramics for your bathtub, which, in addition to being a pleasant material to touch, will keep the water temperature longer during a bath than an acrylic bathtub.

Luxury Bathroom Design
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