Kitchen Remodeling Tips For Increase Your Home Value


Kitchen Remodeling Tips – Want to remodel your kitchen without ruining or spending too much time? Small works and decorating tips, here is a harvest of ideas to put it to the taste of the day

  1. Replace an Old Fashioned Tile

With the appearance of “slim” tiles of less than 5 mm thick (Lawson, Castorama), it is no longer necessary to place the old tiles. Another option is the vinyl floors (“distinctive” and “elegance” slabs, Metallica colour, Leroy Merlin, Gerflor “Senso” blades), particularly suitable for the kitchen, which imitate the concrete, the metal surfaces, and the parquet better. Unless you prefer a polished concrete render: At the choice, apply on the floor a specific coating (“Loft sol the Decorative” of Leroy Merlin) or a “real” colored concrete coating (Marx, Marius Aurenti). Easy renovation with this floor tiles in solid mass porcelain stoneware, 30 x 60 cm, exists in concrete, slate and textile effects. Slim tile range, €29.90 m2, Castorama.

  1. Create a Credence

For small budgets, laminates imitate all materials (slate, concrete, printed fabric, Leroy Merlin and Ikea). The protective plates in metal, stainless steel, acrylic, glass combine, they, contemporary look and ease of maintenance. Finally, the credence in tile still has its followers. Also up, the bottom of the stainless steel hood.

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Very soft to the touch and simple to maintain, this credence in synthetic resin l3s, here with the worktop, allows the creation of harmonious surfaces without joints or apparent seals. 6 sets to choose from. €120 (100 x H 55 cm), Lawson.

  1. Betting on Details That Give Style

Contemporary or classic, the accessories (faucets, switches) Well chosen give a boost at a low cost. Why not swap his old faucet that condemned the window against a folding model (Leroy Merlin, Castorama) or equips with an infrared detector mixer that only flows when used?

  1. Customize the Wooden Doors

The Rustic Oak decor kitchen is no longer a hopeless case! There are now many paintings to apply directly. If you want a natural wood rendering, remove it (“unwashed wood without rinsing,” Dyrup) before rejuvenating the wood by lightening it (“Panamax” staining lighter, libero). Adding new handles would sublimate the transformation.

  1. Change Work Plan

Like the Credenzas, the worktops are cut out in a plethora of materials: laminates (which imitate even stainless steel, slate or aluminum brushed stainless steel finish), wood, resin (so soft to the touch), glass, quartz, or even high performance concrete (ductal, en 160 colours). If you want to bring a contemporary touch, also change the sink you will be installed under the countertop. Perfect in combination with glass or quartz. Even chicer, the molded sink, integrated into a worktop of stainless steel (Leroy Merlin) or resin (IKEA). Think of the wide-thickness planes (up to 80 mm) to earn some precious centimeters for the back !

Kitchen Remodeling Tips
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