Home Kitchen Design


Home Kitchen Design - Do you want to remake your kitchen? Take the time to think because the design of a kitchen depends on many parameters : what place does it occupy in your home and your daily life? How to make it ergonomic? How to equip your kitchen? And the list of questions is still long. House side has listed for you the criteria to be considered in the design of a kitchen.

The design of a small kitchen is different from a large and even more so if it is an open kitchen with the living room. You will probably have understood; the kitchen is done on a case by case basis so that it meets the constraints, the expectations, the needs of everyone and that it integrates at its best inside. Come on; we help you imagine his arrangement and his equipment To make sure that your kitchen project is a success.

The Basics of Designing a Kitchen

Are you a large family, a couple without children, a single person? Do you use your kitchen only on a one-time basis? Are you a true leader? Do you have the habit of receiving? These aspects will result in the choices in terms of layout, layout, and equipment. Choices that are not trivial, when we know that a kitchen is renewed on average every 23 years old.

Then set a budget. For this, several elements: furniture, household appliances and possible works (plumbing, electricity). It is by having an idea, even approximate, of your project that you can make your decisions. It's up to you to know if you want to invest in household appliances rather than furniture, or vice versa. For the latter, the entry-level offer ranges from 1 000 to 5 000 euros, with kit furniture generally. The average range is between 5 000 and 10 000 euros with, in this case, factory-mounted furniture. Finally, the high-end allows all the audacity provided to put the price.

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